1 year into operations, Meow Wolf Denver continues to support local artists through gallery space

C Street is one of the worlds you'll find while exploring Meow Wolf's wild Convergence Station in Denver. Inside it there are numerous immersive spaces to explore, but in one

specific room you'll find a traditional art gallery.   The Galleri Gallery's exhibitions change every few months and support local artists. Right now the artist on exhibit

is Amber Cobb. Cobb's exhibit is called "A Wink Is Just A Wink." "Through the works I wanted to explore the nuances of body language," Cobb said. She started

by sculpting a new illustrated typeface and then translated it into a two dimensional space. The works sort of take on a language of their own. "You've heard the phrase

actions speak louder than words," she said. "Our body and non-verbal methods of communication can really tell our true intentions, or how we really feel," she said. Amber

was intentional with the space as well. The gallery is refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Convergence. "I wanted to create a space that was quiet, more meditative and

a way to give the audience -- or viewers -- a moment to reflect," she said. The Meow Wolf gallery gives Cobb access to a wider audience for her meditation on language, the

body and the ambiguity of communication. All of Cobb's pieces are for sale. Her art will be on display through Nov. 30.   "Convergiversary" celebration takes place

this weekend