Florida man survives 3 days in swamp after losing arm in alligator attack: 'Do or die'

A Florida man who says he was attacked by an alligator is in good spirits despite losing an arm and finding himself stranded in a swamp for three days. Eric Merda, 43,

says he had just finished an irrigation job in July in Parrish Florida when he decided to stop at Lake Manatee Fish Camp to throw away trash which resulted in him getting lost in

the woods, WTVT-TV reported. Merda told the outlet that he spotted his truck across a body of water and jumped into the water figuring he could swim to his vehicle. Halfway

across the lake, Merda says he encountered an alligator that grabbed his arm and snapped it as he tried to pull him under three times. "It's do or die," Merda explained. "Do

you want to live or die. I was given the opportunity to make a chance, and I decided to live." FLORIDA MAN WITH ‘HUSTLE EAT SLEEP REPEAT’ TATTOO CHARGED WITH THROWING HOT

DOG AT POLICE OFFICER After the alligator finally retreated, Merda says he was injured and lost in the swamp for three days before being found and airlifted to a hospital

where doctors amputated his arm.  Despite losing the arm, Merda says he feels a new sense of purpose after the attack.  FLORIDA MAN WIELDING MACHETE DEAD AFTER

BREAKING INTO HOME, TELLING SLEEPING RESIDENT 'I LOVE YOU' "I'm thriving," Merda said. "I’m actually thriving. I’m going up, and I’m not coming back down." Florida

Fish and Wildlife said that a contracted alligator trapper removed a six-foot and nine-foot alligator from the lake on the day after the Merda attack, WFLA-TV