Insta360 X3 Review: the best waterproof 360 camera

Making your videos stand out in an age where millions of people are striving to do the same on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram is no easy task. That’s where the

Insta360 X3 comes in. The X3 is the latest in Insta360’s line of versatile 360 cameras, and it’s more of an all-in-one solution that’s also compact and waterproof. It’s packed

with features aimed at expanding your creative horizons. Can the X3 deliver on its promising potential and earn a place in your camera bag? Insta360 X3 Adventure Insta360 X3

design The updates to the X3 are immediately apparent, as it now features a big, beautiful 2.29-inch touchscreen on the back. The older X2 camera implemented a tiny little

circular display that, while very interesting and usable, is very hard to go back to after using the X3 display. Navigating menus, changing settings and modes, and reviewing

footage are so much easier with a large touchscreen. The X3 also has more physical buttons, which I really appreciate. It’s way easier now to start and stop recording or to

swap between 360 and single lens modes. There’s also a new quick menu button that lets you easily save and access presets. A further improvement is a hatch for the USB-C port.

It’s more robust and easier to open or close. The design of the neoprene sleeve for the X3 has been altered so that there is now a hole that allows access to the USB-C

port without having to remove the X3 from the case. Little quality of life upgrades like this are very much appreciated.