Masses pack Madison Avenue for Mexican Day Parade

NEW YORK -- It was a celebration of Mexican culture along Madison Avenue on Sunday for the Mexican Day Parade. To the beautiful sound of traditional music, it was a

colorful display of culture as the parade stepped off at East 38th Street. Mayor Eric Adams kicked off the parade while hundreds, young and old, lined the sidelines, CBS2's

Thalia Perez reported. Rolando Cedeño came to the parade with his wife and kids. He said he lives in Virginia and is originally from Morelos, just south of Mexico

City. "I'm feeling really nice because this is my second time bringing all of my family to celebrate independence day," Cedeño said. And like him, there was something

for everyone. "The mariachis we're really exciting to see. Those are like my favorite part," said Daniela Tiburcio of Passaic, New Jersey. "It's really beautiful to

see how Mexico is represented in the United States," added Paulina Lira of Houston, Texas. The festivities Sunday celebrated Mexico's independence from Spain in September,

more than 200 hundred years ago.