Montreal kicks Ricova to curb after recyclables pile up at Lachine sorting centre

Montreal's executive committee is firing the waste-management company that oversees the recycling sorting centre in the borough of Lachine. Ricova Services Inc., a giant

in the industry, will be replaced by Société VIA, with the transition to the new company effective no later than Nov. 14., the city said in a news release Friday. The

city's environment director will determine the exact date in the best interest of the city, the release said.  "We know that materials have been accumulating for several

weeks at the Lachine sorting centre. Faced with the serious and imminent risk of a shutdown of the sorting centre's activities, the city acted quickly to resolve the situation,"

said Marie-Andrée Mauger, head of ecological transition and the environment on the executive committee, in the release. Société VIA is a non-profit organization that

promotes the hiring of people with functional limitations. The organization has significant expertise in the operation of sorting centres as it runs others in the province, the

release said. Société VIA will create new, adapted jobs in the Montreal region, says the organization's president and CEO. "For us, two priorities remain: bringing

our social mission to life, while ensuring optimal and efficient sorting of recyclable materials," he said in the release. Montreal says people can help reduce waste by

using reusable bags, buying in bulk and avoiding over-packaged items.  People can also help by refusing door-to-door flyers, known as Publisacs, by affixing a sticker to

their mailbox, the city said. These bags of advertisement flyers will be banned next May.