Pair a Steam Deck With a Samsung Tablet to Get the Ultimate Jumbo Nintendo 3DS

Believe it or not, at one point in time, the Nintendo 3DS was considered a large handheld with its XL model, but it’s just not when you compare it to newer portable

consoles like the Switch. The 3DS XL is now relatively small, which was apparently a problem for one fan, who came up with a way to supersize it—dual screens and all—using

another, beefier handheld: the Steam Deck. This isn’t the first time Reddit user ‘rising_tony’ has attempted to recreate the Nintendo 3Ds—minus the namesake 3D effect—on a

larger scale using the Steam Deck and its touchscreen. A few weeks ago, they shared a video of a different setup on Reddit that used the Citra 3DS emulator running on a gaming PC,

with a desktop monitor replicating the handheld’s top screen and a Steam Deck replicating the touchscreen and physical gaming controls. Performance was great, but it lacked the

3DS’ second best feature: portability. External link Yesterday, ‘rising_tony’ shared a video of a new setup that was instead completely portable and completely

awesome, even if it added even more weight to the already heavy 1.5-pound Steam Deck. The desktop monitor was replaced by an 8-inch Samsung tablet attached directly to the Steam

Deck using a custom 3D-printed attachment you can see in more detail here.