Puerto Rico: Video shows bridge being swept away as Hurricane Fiona brings flooding and 85mph winds

A metal bridge in Puerto Rico that was built in the aftermath of 2017’s devastating Hurricane Maria has been ripped away again by Hurricane Fiona. Videos shared by

reporters, bystanders, and local politicians showed the bridge on Puerto Rico Highway 123 in the town of Utuado being torn out of its moorings and washed downriver by surging

flood waters. Some videos showed metal railings on the side of the road, attached to the bridge, pulled out of the ground and dragged along with it. The bridge was

originally installed in 2018 after the previous crossing was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, according to Puerto Rico legislator Roberto Lefranc Fortuño. It came as the US

National Hurricane Centre (NHS) warned of “catastrophic flash and urban flooding” across Puerto Rico and and the eastern Dominican Republic, which lies further along the path of

the storm. Temporary Bridge in Utuado, PR-123 has collapsed. This bridge was installed after Hurricane Maria in 2017. pic.twitter.com/Xuz4WbGIQt— Roberto Lefranc Fortuño

(@LefrancFortuno) September 18, 2022 Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico on Sunday, causing major damage, with footage showing the destruction of a bridge in the mountain town of

Utuado that police say was installed by the National Guard after Hurricane Maria hit in 2017. https://t.co/8wAeTNUESJ pic.twitter.com/47nCbZJfcf— ABC News (@ABC) September 18,

2022 The eye of Hurricane Maria made landfall on the US territory on Sunday afternoon, before sweeping across the island and away off its western edge towards the Dominican

Republic and the open sea beyond.