The Best Beaches In Aruba

Beaches in Aruba are some of the most captivating and breathtaking beaches in the world. This island paradise is located in the Caribbean sea, fourteen miles off the coast of

Venezuela. The beaches of Aruba are so inviting that many cruise ship passengers who dock in Oranjestad (the island's capital) forego the usual activities of shopping and casino

play to spend a day just enjoying the water! Aruba's top beaches host a variety of sights to be seen, each perfect for different activities. On the eastern shore of

Aruba, huge waves crash against the rocks, great for sightseeing, but not for swimming. But, on the western side, it's all about gentle, calm waters. To inspire your next summer

vacation trip, we've rounded up the best beaches in Aruba. Traveling To Beaches In Aruba Aruba and its beaches are currently open to with some safety regulations

in place. You are no longer required to show a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival. The usage of masks is up to the discretion of each establishment in Aruba. Before embarking on

your beach vacation in Aruba make sure to double-check the entry requirements on their website. Beaches in Aruba are public, with the exception of Flamingo beach

(Renaissance Beach), so you can have your choice of beach and decide for yourself which is the best beach on the island! These are just a few of our favorite beaches to visit

while on vacation. Beautiful Beaches of Aruba Baby Beach Baby Beach is a great family-friendly beach in Aruba. Nestled in the Southern tip, this lagoon has very

shallow waters, ideal for those with small children. Baby Beach is also popular beach to practice your laps, as you can swim a far distance and still touch the sandy bottom!