Why are migrants being sent to Democrat-run areas?

Thousands of migrants have been sent from Republican-led states to Democrat-run areas as part of a growing row with the federal government and the Biden administration.

Two buses carrying people primarily from Venezuela were recently left outside Vice-President Kamala Harris' residence in Washington DC. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who

approved the move, then called for tighter immigration policies. The night before, Florida sent two planes carrying migrants to the wealthy enclave of Martha's Vineyard in

Massachusetts, an apparent escalation of a tactic that has also already seen migrants taken to Chicago and New York. While opponents of the tactic have described it as

cruel and inhumane, three state governments insist it is a result of the Biden administration's own border policies. Why are the migrants being moved? Three states - Texas,

Arizona and Florida - have announced initiatives to move migrants from their states to Democrat-led ones, which they have accused of being "sanctuary" jurisdictions that don't

enforce immigration laws. In an April letter instructing local authorities to begin carrying out the initiative, Governor Abbott argued that the federal government had "no

real plan" for addressing an unprecedented "surge of illegal aliens" that might otherwise find themselves in Texan cities. "Texans cannot continue to shoulder the burdens

imposed by open-border advocates in other parts of the country," he wrote.How many have travelled? According to statistics compiled by the BBC's US partner CBS, as of 16

September Texas and Arizona had sent almost 300 buses carrying approximately 13,000 migrants to Washington DC, New York and Chicago.